AutomniJobs: Expanded Edition

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Welcome, valued employee, to yet another exciting day working for Automnicon. Is today the day you make it out of debt? Is today the day you die? Who knows! Time to find out.

Automnijobs: Expanded Edition is an expansion of Automnijobs: Small Jobs for Unimportant People, a three-page RPG written by Beth Crane during the Coronavirus lockdown. This could be called the d20 expansion - effectively, it's the same game but instead of 6 options to roll from, there are 20!

All you need to play is this guide, a piece of paper, a pen, a six-sided dice and a twenty-sided dice (or random number generator). Your party play the role of repairmen on an Automnicon job, with the game led by a GM, and your character and the setting are entirely generated through dice rolls. Automnijobs' mechanics are roughly based on a combination of Honey Heist (Grant Howitt) and Lasers and Feelings (John Harper)

We hope you enjoy this expansion!

I want this!

You'll get the full colour game (GM and Player versions) as well as the printer-friendly version, and the Automnicon Mission Music to use when you read out your mission!

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